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Mother nature.

aprile 22, 2009


Un punto di vista interessante.

febbraio 2, 2009

Nike here i am

settembre 29, 2008

Enjoy the entire campaign

Ciao Advertiti,
We would like to inform you about the new Pan-European campaign ‘Here I am’ by Nike Women.
NikeWomen ‘Here I Am’ campaign celebrates emotional strength of girls who play sports
Nike is celebrating female athletes with a new Pan-European campaign entitled “Here I am”, with 5 animated films starring Maria Sharapova, Simona La Mantia, Nicola Spirig, Nicola Sanders and Delphine Delsalle.In this ‘Here I am’ campaign, Nike strives to inspire a new generation of women to experience the impact of sports on life. To do so Nike is launching a series of animated films featuring five young female European athletes. Each film shows the unique athlete’s journey towards mental strength gained through sports.

In the five animated films Nike shares the stories of famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova whose critics have unwittingly fueled her success, Italian triple jumper Simona La Mantia who found her strength in what she thought was her greatest weakness, Swiss triathlete Nicola Spirig who thrives in apocalyptic weather conditions, 400M sprinter from the UK Nicola Sanders whose animated body parts show us the age-old struggle between mind and body and French Judoka Delphine Delsalle who defeats a multitude of disapproving opponents yet retains her femininity.

W+K Amsterdam ( teamed up with production companies Paranoid and Stink Digital to create the five animated films. MindShare is the media agency. SocialMedia8 ( is responsible for the viral seeding. Tracking the reach of the viral commercials is done with (

View all spots on (subtitled in Italian)

Or embed all 5 Nike ‘Here I Am’ spots in one YouTube player:

Visuals can be found at

With kind regards

Warioland shake it

settembre 27, 2008

lo potete guardare qui

This shake-up brought to you by Wii

Bogusky, a band apart

settembre 26, 2008

Alex Bogusky create lots of terrific BurgerKing’s  campaigns. This one is a masterpiece.

But Bogusky is an evil genius, and during the holydays wrote a book: “the 9inch diet”.

The 9-Inch Diet is the healthy eating plan America has been waiting for. Far from the fad diets that momentarily populate bestseller shelves, this book promotes a lifestyle that’s simple to understand and easy to stick to. Considering that, on average, we’re now consuming more than 300 excess calories per day, switching to a smaller plate can make a big difference. It’s hard to dispute the facts: by using a 9-inch plate at every meal, we can decrease our caloric intake by 30 to 35 percent! Written by Alex Bogusky with Chuck Porter, The 9-Inch Diet tackles new diet book territory—at one turn focusing on the psychology of why we eat the way we do, while at another providing detailed instructions on how to make plate stepping stones for your garden. Full of pop culture references and expert advice, it’s the first diet book that’s as comfortable on the coffee table as it is on the kitchen table. Bogusky and Porter run what is arguably the most creative advertising agency in the country, if not the world. With years of experience manipulating the masses, two of the best tricksters in the industry explain how you as a consumer are being duped, and how you are actually a part of the conspiracy to make you fat. But more importantly, they teach you how to break the cycle. 

trovi il libro qui

Eastpak built to be viral

settembre 25, 2008

Un teaser? Il primo atto di una nuova campagna?

Di sicuro c’è un nuovo personaggio: Billy i-idol, pare che piaccia tanto alle donne.Vedremo come andrà a finire nelle settimane a venire.

Levi’s moonwalker viral

luglio 10, 2008


Perle ai porci

giugno 27, 2008

Great concept, as usual.
Copywriter: Stefania Siani / Art Director: Federico Pepe

Gli inabbracciabili di Coca Cola

maggio 30, 2008

L’agenzia è la Santo di Buenos Aires.
Questi mini spot mi fanno morire dal ridere.
I mie preferiti sono il puttino e il gigante. 🙂

Gmail Russia

marzo 30, 2008

Spot per il sito inglese di Vw

marzo 30, 2008

quicksilver dynamite viral

marzo 8, 2008

Blow up, figata.

marzo 5, 2008
Ancora non credo ai miei occhi.

Zapatero, rosso e verdone

marzo 5, 2008

1984 pro Obama

marzo 1, 2008

le buste di Mother

marzo 1, 2008

Ideas are fish

febbraio 22, 2008

rap-tutorial per final cut

febbraio 16, 2008

Harvey Nichols backstage

febbraio 16, 2008

La gallina che pippa mi fa sbarellare.
L'agenzia è la DDB London.

Viral per Obama

febbraio 16, 2008

Yes we can