Foreword by Juan Cabral

When i started working in advertising i thought that ideas where the driving force of industry. Silly me. Of course i later figured out that i was all about numbers.

But i have to say, that for the last couples of years. I’ve realized that it’s not about numbers anymore. Numbers evolved into something else. Something worse.

The real driving force of industry is FEAR.

Fear is the real client these days. What a shame.

Clients deal with too much pressure. Almost to the point where they can’t think for themselves- it’s like something else controls their heaads. That’s why ads are becoming more mediocre at a time when media is blossoming.

So there’s more mediocrity around us.

But i have to say, i’ve been pretty lucky with a few of the clients i’ve worked with lately. I would go even further and say thanks to them.

For leaving fear outside the meeting room.

For avoiding safety (there is no safety).

And for thinking with thei hearts ( at least for a brief moment – that takes some guts).

Because it’s about winning people’s hearts, not their heads.

That’s where healthy brands live, in the audience’s hearts.

Agencies and clients need to work hard to create bubbles where ideas can be fertile. Where brands can drean- even for a bit. In those sporadic moments i remind myself where the real force of the industry lies.

(vecchio spot Nike del primo gennaio 2000 -millenium bug- W+K + Spike Jonze)



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